Friday, June 27, 2014

A Mission Opportunity to Bring Health and Hope

When we moved to Albany a year ago, my wife and I worried about a lot of things.  Some of it had to do with arranging furniture.  Some of it had to do with orchestrating all of the real estate matters and bank matters.  One thing we did not even think about was access to water.
For many readers, the ability to turn on a tap and have plenty of drinkable water instantly is a given.  Yet for many people around the world, water sources are few, and even then, not necessarily safe for human consumption. 

The American Baptist Churches of New York State are working together with the AMOS Health Project ( to bring new sources of water filtration to rural communities in Nicaragua and other vital ministries meeting the basic human needs (healthcare access, economic support, etc.).  In April 2015, a mission trip opportunity is available to persons interested in traveling to Nicaragua and working with AMOS staff to bring water filtration systems for communities where very little useable water can be counted on.

To learn more about the ABCNYS mission trip, visit the special trip page via:   A brief video featuring Dr. Roberto Martinez explains the aims and objectives of bringing health and hope to Nicaraguan communities. 

NOTE:  A special call-in opportunity will be offered on Roberto will be hosting a conference call on July 1st @ 7:00pm. Call in, hear the amazing mission in Nicaragua & ask questions...all from the comforts of home! Contact Christy Siau, or 315.469.4236 x12 for call instructions.

Please note a trip deposit and a deadline factor into expressing your interest in participating.  Certainly, anyone is welcome on this trip, so you can invite others to join in this missional effort, regardless of their affiliation with an ABCNYS related church.  All skills and talents are welcome!

The ABCNYS Mission Trip is seeking donors to raise $6,000 to support the trip's expenses.  A tax deductible donation can be sent to ABCNYS' Region Office (  

For some perspective on the global water issues, access recent United Nations' special reports via:

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