Monday, March 16, 2015

Greater Conversations Await: Links of Interest

While I find myself happily in the midst of the physical shelves of bookstores and the stacks of libraries, I also turn frequently to the online learning opportunities to develop ministry skills and keep up with conversations of interest.

This week's blog notes some recent online resources I found of interest in recent weeks.  I note these without great comment, other than the links themselves connect you with possible ideas, ways of perceiving the world around us and how the Christian faith moves through the seas of change:

An article on conflict management styles:

Recent trends in global religious intolerance and conflict is studied by the Pew Research Center for Religion and Public Life:

Want to avoid roadblocks to change?   Read this article from Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School:

What makes for a church's missional health where "creative destruction and disorienting missional engagement", according to George Bullard, long-time church consultant?  Read more via:

Is that you in the corner, losing your religion?

Dr. Marvin McMickle, President of Colgate Rochester Crozier Divinity School, shares a powerful word on the 50th anniversary of Selma:

Recent research on the values of Millennials (aka those young whippersnappers who have some generational differences we'd do well to pay close attention):

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